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We are committed to supporting you on your Celebrancy journey. Our Rose Training one-on-one  mentoring program is designed to provide personalised guidance from one of our highly successful and friendly training celebrants.

Celebrancy Mentoring

Here’s what we’ll do

Some of the mentoring we can offer a celebrant prepare for that (first) big day’.

  • Understand the Legals: Full document review
  • Ceremony Plan: Assist in creating a structured, yet personalised, wedding ceremony plan. Includes the order of events, readings, music, vows, and rituals.
  • Script Preparation: Review script – does it  reflect the couple’s love story, values, and personalities?
  • Rehearsal Planning: How to plan and run a wedding rehearsal. 
  • Public Speaking Tips: Including how to project your voice, pace delivery, and use body language effectively.
  • Ceremony Logistics: Couples entry and exit , where they stand, where to place the signing table, and how to position the PA system.
  • Contingency Planning: Review your backup plan for unpredictable situations ( bad weather, late guests, or technical issues with sound equipment).
  • Managing Nerves: How to calm your nerves (keep the couple calm).
  • Cultural and Religious Customs: Along with Ceremony etiquette.
  • Working with Other Vendors: Photographers, planners,  venue managers – who’s in charge.
  • Equipment Check:  PA system and microphone, music.
  • How to Dress: Appropriate dress standard for the particular event. 
  • Self-Care: Tips and more tips
  • Time Management: Keeping everything on schedule.
  • Couples: Settling their nerves.
  • Introductions: Appropriately and on time
  • Post-Ceremony Responsibilities: Signing the marriage certificates, registering the marriage, and sending copies to Births, Deaths and Marriages etc.
  • Debrief: Post wedding day discussion and debrief – how did it go – what went well, what didn’t go well, what can I do better

Rose Training Mentors

3 hours of personalised mentoring – one on one package $385
Introductory Offer until end of December $285

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